Core Series


CustomCAD Text Styles

Walls Part 1 – Foundation

Walls Part 2 – Trace Mode, Directional Keypad, and Offset

Walls Part 3 – Radial Walls

Isolated Footings

Piers and Pads

Ledges – Exterior brick ledges, pier ledges, and interior slab and joist ledges, etc.




Beam Pockets

Corner Cleanup

Move Wall

Extend Wall


Total Station 1 – Point and label placement, relocating points, etc.

Total Station 2 – Point file export – txt and csv files

Take Offs – File outputs, exports to Excel, and data for use in estimating

CC Layer Control Tools – Unlock CC Layers, CC Layers ON, Pick Off Layer

Render 3D Model

Render 2D output – Reverse Prints

Fly-By Animations

Title Block Insersion

Sump Pit Insersion

Help Menu

CustomCAD Settings

Software Update

Software and License Information

CustomCAD Objects vs AutoCAD Objects

Task Series

Importing CustomCAD 2008 Files

PDF Attach vs PDF Import

Stitching multi-page PDFs together for Tracing

Xrefs – Loading, Unloading, and Detaching

Tips n Tricks !

Applying 3D Materials to Objects

Civil 3D and CustomCAD

Avoid Using Old Templates

Toolbars and Panels

Workspace vs Templates

Text and Elevation vs Draw Order

Dealing with Angled Walls and Features when no Angles are Given

CustomCAD Video Training Library

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Our Core series includes short videos on every command and function built into CustomCAD.

The Task series guides you through typical tasks that use many CustomCAD tools together.

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